Fire Crews Investigate the Condo Fire in Murrells Inlet, NC
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Fire Crews Investigate the Condo Fire in Murrells Inlet, NC

MURRELS INLET, North Carolina – An awful and deadly fire broke out in a condo in Murrells Inlet, North Carolina around 4.00 am on Tuesday (26/2). This particular accident, which happened near the Allston House condo complex near Pendergrass Avenue, had made a chaos condition as there were many people got panic because of the big fire. Fortunately, there were many crews of the fire fighters that came as soon as the accident happened, which could be like Crews with Midway Fire, the Georgetown County Sherriff’s Office, Garden City Fire Rescue, Horry County, Surfside Beach fire crews, SLED were called to the scene. All of them work together in order to fight the fire as fast as possible. So then, the fire could finally under control at 6.00 am.

Furthermore, some of the crews would try to investigate to find out about the causes of the condo fire, and some other tried to get in to the condo to save anybody who might get trapped inside. Unfortunately, Norman Knight, a Murrells Inlet Garden City Fire Chief, had confirmed that there was one died because of the accident. He added that his crew was still trying to figure out more about this victim. Yet, a neighbor told ABC 15 News that the victim was a 30’s man, who lived with his dog that died in the fire too, had been known well as the complex’s HOA President. However, the Georgetown County Deputy Coroner Paulette Radcliffe explained that the identification would be pending as the crews remained on the scene when the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and state fire marshals joined the deeper investigation. Yet, a schedule for an autopsy procedure and its result release had been set to be on Wednesday morning.

Fire Crews Investigate the Condo Fire in Murrells Inlet, NC

Moreover, one of the fire marshals, Tom Zimpleman, stated that it is actually going to be really hard to pinpoint an exact location where the fire started especially when considering the collapse inside. But, he had assumed that the accident started from the back of the condo. It can be seen when he noticed the photos which were taken shows the back of the structure with the charred frames that remain. Nevertheless, there is no official statement related to the cause of the condo fire. So then, it has been considered as the unsuspicious and accidental tragedy. In addition, there were no fire fighters injured because of the accident.

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