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Newest Update of Carolina’s Islands

After the inland flooding happening in South Carolina, the people should end up in limited access and time to reach and do activities in some islands in Carolina. Read the following newest update of Carolina’s Islands to know what you should and shouldn’t do:

Bald Head Island
Do you know Bald Head Island? This island is located in Brunswick County. This island is one of the areas that are highly affected by the flooding. After the occurrence of the disaster up to now, the island is still under the state of emergency. What is worse, the officials even issued increasing signs telling that hurricane did devastating effects to structures. It has also been reported that there’s high water found on the River of Cape Fear that has forced the continuation of closure of the Deep Point Marina and the Bald Head Island Marina. The closure is surely hinder people from approaching the island.

Even worse, the storm destroyed the historic old boat house as stated in many reports of media to people. The Properties Management of Bald Head Island says that the boat house will be closed for public until Monday.

Oak Island

Oak Island
Next up, still from the Brunswick County, Oak Island is also affected by the disaster. This island remains open to property owners, residents, and also visitors. However, any visitors coming to the island have to follow the curfew set by the officials. The curfew is from 9pm up to 6pm.

Although there is limited access to the island, the official explained that the island didn’t get any major nor significant damage on its structures. Therefore, unlike Bald Head Island, this island is in better and safer condition compared to the previously mentioned island.

However, as the curfew is still applied to any visitors of the islands, it means that there should be still limitation of activity in the island. As the result, the activities in the beaches of the island such as Ocean Isle Beach, Sunset Beach, Calabash, and others are automatically limited as well. Visitors are expected to have any necessary adjustment. Apart from the curfew, the officials have also issued some alternatives of vehicle and or access to reach the islands. Therefore, make sure yourself updated about the current info just in case you need to visit these islands.

Although the access is not opened by the officials for visitors, it doesn’t mean that the society is allowed to do just any activities at any time. The society is expected to follow the curfew that is set by the officials to make sure that they will always be safe. Don’t forget to always read newest update of Carolina’s Island!

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