The Illegal Vape with the Dangerous Additive in California
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The Illegal Vape with the Dangerous Additive in California

The Illegal Vape with the Dangerous Additive in California – The illegal marijuana vape cartridges have been found in California. It has some of the dangerous additives such as thickening agent Vitamin E acetate. This chemical can lead to deadly lung diseases caused by vaping activities. In addition, the illegal vape also contains the false concentration of THC. What is THC? Well, this chemical will give the fly high sensation to the user. For example, the illegal vape will put the statement that the oil contains 85% THC. However, in fact, it just contains 33% THC.

Why do people buy illegal vape from the unlicensed shop? Most of the reason is about the way to avoid the tax. Or else, they just simply don’t know where the legally licensed shop is. In order to overcome these problems, there is a new regulation. The legal shops are required to put the unique black and white code in the windows in front of the shop. Hopefully, the customer will see this code and know that the shop is a legal shop. In addition, the QR code is available so that the customer can scan it and get the information about the legality of the shop. In addition, this code is needed when the shop wants to deliver legal cannabis. The government also creates some advertisements to persuade the people to buy the legal vape from the licensed shop. They also create a website that can show and track the legal shop. Why does the government really put effort to fight the illegal trades? It’s due to the fact that the number of customers who look for underground trade is increasing. The customer prefers to buy from the illegal shop since the price is lower than in the legal shop.

On the other hand, consuming the vape from the illegal shop can be a serious danger for the customer. As mentioned previously that the illegal vape may contain some dangerous chemical compounds such as a thickening agent that can lead to lung diseases. In addition, they also sell illegal cannabis. It’s a serious thing since there is no guarantee that illegal cannabis is safe for the customer. Consuming illegal cannabis can lead to other serious diseases. In addition, illegal vape may contain other dangerous chemicals. In order to avoid this problem, it will be better to buy the vape from the licensed shop so that the safety of the vape is confirmed.

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