Another case of West Nile virus found in South Carolina

Last Updated : September 22 2017

Another case of West Nile virus found in South Carolina

by Rocco Thomas 2017 September 21

Another case of West Nile virus found in South Carolina

The Herald of Rock Hill announced a moment case has been found in the city. The case was affirmed by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.

The virus is spread through mosquito chomps. DHEC says the vast majority with the virus don't dev3elop any manifestations. Around one in five individuals infected will build up a fever with some different manifestations. Less than 1 percent of those infected create meningitis, which can be deadly.

A pest control company will shower for mosquitoes Tuesday night within a one-mile sweep of the home of the individual infected. Comparative spraying was led in Rock Hill in another piece of the city in August when the primary case was affirmed.

West Nile virus is an illness transmitted to people and creatures through the chomp of an infected mosquito. Mosquitoes wind up plainly infected in the wake of feeding on infected feathered creatures.

West Nile virus is regular in fowls, people and different creatures in Africa, Australia, Eastern Europe, west Asia and the Middle East.

It was first recognized in North America in 1999, and has since spread over the continental United States and Canada.



A great many people infected with West Nile virus have no side effects. Around one in five individuals infected turns out to be sick within two to 14 days with side effects including fever, cerebral pain, joint pain, muscle pain, and once in a while sickness and vomiting. Often they encounter affectability to light and inflammation of the eyelids. Some may have a rash.

The danger of genuine ailment is low. Short of what one percent of individuals infected build up a conceivably deadly swelling of the brain, known as encephalitis.



There is no particular cure for West Nile virus. In gentle cases, you should utilize similar cures you would for different viruses, for example, this season's flu virus: drinking a lot of water and liquids, resting in bed, and taking prescription, for example, ibuprofen or acetaminophen to diminish fever and distress. In more serious cases treatment may include hospitalization, respiratory help and intravenous treatment.

Anybody experiencing extreme or bizarre cerebral pains should see a specialist as quickly as time permits. Additionally, any individual who has been in a region where the virus has been distinguished and who encounters high fever, muscle shortcoming, disarray or extreme cerebral pains should see a specialist instantly.


West Nile virus can't be passed from individual to individual. The best way to get the virus is from the chomp of an infected mosquito.

The virus really begins with a fowl, more often than not a crow. It spreads when a mosquito chomps a fledgling that has the virus in their blood. The mosquito at that point can spread the virus to different winged animals, creatures or individuals, when it chomps during feeding. In ranges where the virus has been distinguished, not very many, considerably less than 1%, of the mosquitoes are infected.


A key advance for prevention is reducing the breeding justification for mosquitoes. Make sure to discharge all containers that hold standing water, and keep them purged.

You can decrease the likelihood of West Nile virus which is spreading by taking a couple of other basic strides to avoid mosquito nibbles:

*Wear clothing that lessens the danger of skin introduction.

*Exposure to mosquitoes is most basic during the early morning. A few animal categories nibble during the day, particularly in lush or other shaded regions. Keep away from presentation during these circumstances and in these territories. Ensure that your entryways and windows have tight-fitting screens to keep out mosquitoes.

*Eliminate all wellsprings of standing water on your property, including window boxes, old auto tires, rain canals and pet dishes.

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