Dark smoke seen before fatal crash of medical helicopter in North Carolina

Last Updated : September 26 2017

Dark smoke seen before fatal crash of medical helicopter in North Carolina

by Rocco Thomas 2017 September 21

Dark smoke seen before fatal crash of medical helicopter in North Carolina

One witness likewise said the Duke Life Flight helicopter was "drifting" and "not going forward" two or three hundred feet noticeable all around before it slammed Sept. 8 out of a breeze turbine fields in the town of Hertford, around 160 miles (260 kilometers) east of Raleigh. Another witness heards a popping clamor before the helicopter turned left, at that point right and dropped rapidly with the rotors turning before he dismissed it.

Witnesses portrayed the smoke as overwhelming or dull, or as being dark or blue.

The onboard sound and video unit endured warm harm while the memory gadget stayed in place, the report says. It will be sent to an NTSB research facility for examination.

The pilot prompted at departure that the helicopter was leaving with four individuals and around two hours of fuel on load up. That was the main correspondence from the pilot, the report says.

The helicopter had left Sentara Albemarle Regional Medical Center on its approach to Duke University when it smashed 12 minutes after departure, the report says.

A dedication benefit for the four will be held Wednesday in Duke Chapel, trailed by a tribute in the quad before the house of prayer.

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