Florida governor says need to watch hurricane

Last Updated : September 25 2017

Florida governor says need to watch hurricane

by Rocco Thomas 2017 September 21

Florida governor says need to watch hurricane

The declaration of the Florida governor that he wants to see hurricane has left many in shock. Hurricane is a dynamic storm that can cause fatal damages to human beings, tress. animals and even to the buildings. The storm is formed over extreme warm ocean water during the summer season. According to scientific reports, water vapor electrifies the storm making it very powerful. The recent damages caused buy hurricane Irma has triggered mixed reactions among individuals worldwide. On that not the governor of Florida has declared strongly that he wants to watch the hurricane. His curiosity is inevitable and actually he is very determined to watch one.

The following are some of the reasons why the governor of Florida wants to watch hurricane.

Damages caused by hurricane Irma in Florida

The storm caused very fatal damages in Florida and its environs. The storm led to lose of billions of money. In fact, the disaster can cost United Stated of America around $293 billions. It damaged very prestigious buildings ,ornamental tress, petrol stations, lawns, and petrol stations. This disaster will bring significant impact to the economy of Florida and US at large. Following the damages caused by the storm, the governor is no longer silent about it and he now wants to watch it. The governor has never seen such a disastrous storm and perhaps this motivated him to have the desire to watch hurricane. The governor noted that the environment in Florida is not hospitable after the damages caused by hurricane and now a thorough clean up process is on.Clean up process is very expensive but it is a must do activity because everything is currently at still stand in the region.

Deaths caused by the storm

At least six people are now confirmed death and hundreds of the casualties who survived the tragedy are nursing fatal injuries in different health facilities following the disaster caused by hurricane. The victims were caught off guard by the storm. Following the deaths and injuries caused by the storm, the governor of Florida now wants to watch how the storm moves. He has also sent condolence messages to the bereaved families.

Destruction of power lines in Florida

The hurricane storm has left millions of people without power in Florida. People are now facing many problems because operating without power is actually difficult. All business that require power are now at still stand as alternative method of generating power meanwhile as the power lines are being repaired. The absence of the power in the region is estimated to cause loses of billions which will actually frustrate the growth of the economy. As the people look forward to see power restored, it might actually take longer than they expect because the interruption caused by the hurricane are very extreme. The restoration of power might take a week and some days. The governor himself wants to watch the storm that leaves millions of people in the dark.

The displaced Floridians

Hurricane storm left so many people without homes after it shattered them completely. The displaced persons have sought refuge from refugees camps as the government looks for a long lasting solution. The governor of Florida now want to watch a storm that can leave thousands of people without a home. In as much as the victims might be fully compensated by the US government, the truth is that they have incurred very big loses.

Even as the people of Florida still recovers from the shock caused by the hurricane storm, the governor of Florida still insists that he want to watch live such a storm that can lead to destruction of prestigious buildings, deaths, injuries, power rapture and displacement of people.

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