Hunters in western North Carolina likely to see fewer deer

Last Updated : September 22 2017

Hunters in western North Carolina likely to see fewer deer

by Rocco Thomas 2017 September 21

Hunters in western North Carolina likely to see fewer deer

Hunting is one of the main activity that earns a living to many people in the western North Carolina. Deer can earn a hunter good money because deer is expensive and useful. Its meat is sweet and so many people eat it even in five star hotels. Its skin is useful and is used to make leather products which are actually very expensive in the market. Most of the attractive ornamental are made using the horns of the deer.The hunters from western North Carolina have benefited a great deal from deer hunting. However, this dream is like to be cut short because the rate at which deer are reducing in the region raises an alarm.

The hunters in western North Carolina are likely to see fewer dear this season and in future because of the following reasons.


Hemorrhagic Disease

Hemorrhagic disease is a deadly disease that affects deer. The disease is known to resurface itself after every 5 years. The disease has contributed to the deaths of deer leading to a significant reduction on the population of deer in the region. Though the disease does not affect human health, there is need to worry because the disease is likely to cut short the source of income for many hunters from western Northern Carolina. The cause of the disease has not been identified but the Wild Life service in collaboration with other institutions like Medical Unions, and United nations are putting in relentless efforts to find out the cause of the deadly disease and its cure. The institutions welcomes the contribution of other interested parties in finding out a final solution to the problem at hand.


Extreme Warm Temperatures

Deer breeds well and feels comfortable when in a Environment with moderate temperatures. With the increase of temperature in the region the residents of the western North Carolina are likely to see fewer deer because deer will migrate to the environs with moderate temperatures. Well the issue is beyond human control but the truth of the matter is that extreme warm temperatures leads to the reduction in population of deer and very soon the hunters will see fewer deer in the region.


Increase Cases of Hunting in the Region

Deer hunting is one of the businesses that pays well in western North Carolina. The profits earned by the hunters have attracted a good number of people to join the business. This has lead to the increase in the number of the deer hunters and consequently it has led to rapid reduction of the deer population in the region. Though the wild life service is doing what it can to moderate deer hunting in the region by giving out hunting license to the interested individuals illegal pouching is still in on in the area. The individuals who cannot raise a fee that is required for one to be given a hunting license hunts illegally. This frustrates the efforts of the efforts of the wild life service authorities to moderate deer hunting. If the culprits are not brought to book and penalized in a big way when found guilty, then there is high chances that hunters are likely to see few deer very soon.


Deforestation in Western North Carolina

Human activities have contributed a great deal to the reduction of deer in the region. The residents have a cleared a notable percentage of the land for cultivation and construction of new new buildings. They forget that forest is the habitat of deer. With the continuous deforestation in the region, the residents are likely to see fewer deer this season.

Unless the solution to the above causes of the deer population decrease is found, the hunters in western North Carolina are likely to see few deer and in future and who knows, if quick measures are not taken perhaps the animal might get extinct completely.

Rocco Thomas
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