Woman stabbed to death at South Carolina home

Last Updated : September 21 2017

Woman stabbed to death at South Carolina home

by Rocco Thomas 2017 September 21

Woman stabbed to death at South Carolina home

According to the Rock Hill police, a woman has been stabbed to death at a home in South Carolina. It has been suspected, that her parter has possibly committed homicide. Currently this man is in the Carolinas Medical Center, receiving medical attention due to his life-threatening stab wounds.

In South Carolina, Rock Hill police reported to the news that they were flagged approximately at 11.30PM on Monday by men who said that a woman had been stabbed. Soon, the officers found this woman dead, having several stab wounds across her entire body. The victim was a 25-year-old female named Marandy Jade Brandon, this was reported by a York County Coroner named Sabrina Gast. Also, a 26-year-old man, who is the supposed partner of this woman, has been injured. He was flown to Carolinas Medical Center located in Charlotte, North Carolina. These injures were considered to be life-threatening, and he needed immediate medical attention. Currently, this man is considered to be a suspect of this homicide.

The police were alarmed by the fact that they couldn't find a little girl who lives in the house where the gruesome scene took place. The neighbours of these two people have reported seeing the couple taking the little girl to a school bus, but haven't seen her since then. It has been heavily implied, but not clearly stated that these two people are a couple with a child who has not been seen for a while. Updates regarding the man and the child are yet to come. The situation is been currently investigated as a homicide due to domestic violence.

The Rock Hill police have reported that they found this injured man in a bedroom at the scene. The sight was described to be really intense as well as very gruesome. This injured man was described by the police being on the floor on his knees, continuously stabbing himself straight in the chest with a butcher knife. The police kept telling him repeatedly to stop and drop the knife, but they ended up having to use a stun gun to make him stop doing this. The man didn't end up killing himself as he had apparently had tried to do. Instead, he received immediate medical attention, and didn't end up dying of blood loss.

No charges have been filed yet against anyone, even though this injured man in particular is a definite suspect of this homicide. Currently this man is in the hospital in a critical condition, so he hasn't been questioned yet by the police.

One of the neighbours have been interviewed by media. This woman, named Frances Hammers has stated the following: "I want people to know that even though everything might seem just fine on the outside, that doesn't necessarily mean that it really is." Her statement can be interpreted in different ways, but she has implied that there has been trouble in the relationship of these two people; the woman, Marandy, who was stabbed to death and the male with severe life-threatening injuries.

The situation is currently being investigated as a homicide. It has been speculated that the homicide has been a result of domestic violence, but it has not been yet confirmed. The neighbours of these two people have said that they have not known these two people well at all, and therefore most of them have had nothing else to say.

This particular homicide has been the fifth homicide that has taken place in Rock Hill, South Carolina in the year 2017. Earlier this year, in the month of September, a 28-year-old man was killed overnight by getting shot. He was pronounced dead at the scene later by the police.

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