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Mark Harris Is Not Running in 9th District Election

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – Mark Harris, who is one of the members of Republican in the state, has stated that he will not run the election in the 9th district. It is all because Harris announced on Tuesday (26/2) that he has a health issue that forces him to skip the election. However, there was another reason why the new election has to be done. Well, according to the analysis of the raw data of the state, there were 3510 absentee ballots which were never turned in. Besides, there were no votes counted for the individuals in the other method. This kind of thing made the people get questioning about the result of the election since November 2018. So, the former board declined to certify it especially after the fraud reported to the Bladen County so that this district has no representative in the congress.

Well, the new election in the district 9 of North Carolina has been actually decide on February 21st as all of the members of the North Carolina State Board have voted (5-0) to react to the absentee ballot fraud. This specific situation might make the people think that the election is not interesting enough because they cannot witness the race between Mark Harris (Republican) and Dan McCready (Democrats). Fortunately, Harris seems to endorse the Union County Commissions Stony Rushing by giving a statement to the press. He actually wrote that he wants all of the people who has been supporting and standing on the same side as him to really consider about getting behind the Stony Rushing for the seat. By doing so, he hopes that the new election can be a notable and exciting race that will give the people the better results that suit the expectations of anybody fairly. In the other words, there will be no more deceptions and unreliable election that can ruin the democracy of the state and the country so badly.

Mark Harris Is Not Running in 9th District Election

In addition to this, Harris also expresses his gratefulness to all the people who always support, love, and give prayers and encouragement all this time. He even feels so honored because of all of the journeys that they have been through together. Not only that, he added that he will do a surgery on the next few weeks. So, he really hopes that he can respect the privacy of the family as well as possible by not doing any interviews at all.

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