NHL Commissioner Visits Carter Finley Stadium for Exploring Outdoor Hockey
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NHL Commissioner Visits Carter Finley Stadium for Exploring Outdoor Hockey

RALEIGH, North Carolina – the famous Tom Dundon, who is known so well as the owner of Carolina Hurricanes, has come up with a remarkable idea to make a National Hockey League (NHL) outdoor game at Carter Finley Stadium. He keeps push the commissioner of the NHL to consider about his idea more and more. So then, he finally escorted, Gary Bettman, the commissioner of NHL when both of the visited the home of North Carolina State football on Tuesday (26/2). This particular visit can be the nice step where Dundon has the chance to show the visualization of the outdoor hockey game at the stadium. Then, it seems like this kind of concept can really attract the commissioner as he stated that he takes it so seriously.

However, there are still so many people feel so doubt about this outdoor hockey game especially when they consider about the weather conditions. Yet, Dundon can really convince everybody that the weather issue will never be a problem at all. It is proven when his team has played in so many different conditions such as a night game in Los Angeles where the temperature of the city in the afternoon can reach about 80 degrees. He said that the condition of the ice is the very important key that you have to pay more attention to. So, there is nothing that you need to worry about it as long as the team and the staffs know there are so many things to do. Then, he added that it does not matter what they are working on, he can make sure that everything will be okay with the North Carolina State. So, you will be able to have the new and fabulous experiences while watching an outdoor hockey game that you cannot find anywhere else.

Besides, Bettman looked very excited about the design of the stadium as he spent about 10 minutes overlooking the field and the stadium. Well, the studious will have the 200 by 85 foot rink that suit the standards based on the requirements of NHL. Even better, this stadium will look more awesome because of the notable orange cone on the midfield. Thus, you will feel so proud every time you come to the stadium to support the hockey team. In addition to this, Carolina Hurricanes has successfully hosted a game of 7 Stanley Cup since it moved from Hartford to Raleigh.

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