The Illegal Multi-State Bottles and Cans Recycling Scheme in California
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The Illegal Multi-State Bottles and Cans Recycling Scheme in California

The Illegal Multi-State Bottles and Cans Recycling Scheme in California – The illegal multi-state bottles and can recycling scheme in California lead to the arresting of 11 suspects. They have conducted the recycling fraud operation in California. The cost of recycling has reached more than $2 million. How the suspects do work in this illegal recycling? According to the authorities, the suspects have brought the cans and bottles from Arizona and Nevada to Los Angeles. In LA, they will send the illegal cans and bottles to the illegal recycling center. In this center, they will redeem deposits illegally. The containers are illegal since there is no payment about 5 or 10 cents for the redemption value deposits. Among the 11 suspects, there is one operator of the recycling center. Due to its crime, the suspects will be charged by the recycling fraud, grand theft, and conspiracy. The investigation will be conducted by the California Department of Justice and CalRecycle. According to the law, the suspects may be charged by the potential law of the fraud of recycling. The maximum punishment will be six months or three years in jail. Or else, there will be an additional charge such as penalty fine, driver’s license losing, and foreclosure of vehicles. The punishments will be determined after the investigations and having some trials in court.

In this investigation, there are several beverage containers that have been founded in Los Angeles. Those containers are kept in the storage facilities. Then, it will be sent to the 15 illegal recycling centers. There a huge number of founded illegal cans, plastic, and bottles due to its fraud recycling crime. The investigators have found that during Jan 13 – Jan 17, there 17.699 pounds of aluminum, 2.430 pounds of the glass empty, and 7.554 pounds of plastic. Those illegal cans and bottles can be converted to the potential redemption value of about $38.899. It’s such a huge number of the illegal redemption value. site is working with the local California government by trying to ban exporting waste without permission. In order to give the right punishments, the investigator of the California Department of Justice and calRecycle will hold a thorough investigation.  They will not allow any further fraud that may take place in the recycling programs. The authorities will continue to create high accountability for the perpetrators so that there will be no fraud crimes regarding the recycling program anymore in the future. The authorities may also conduct strict inspection and monitoring in order to prevent the same fraud crime of recycling to happen in the future.

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