Top 3 Restaurants in Carolina
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Top 3 Restaurants in Carolina

Top 3 Restaurants in Carolina – The nature of Carolina always provides the best fields and plants for the farmer. It is the reason why Carolina always gives the best food for visitors. Many restaurants in Carolina usually use fresh and natural products. No wonder that restaurants in Carolina have many customers since they serve the best dishes. Here are recommended restaurants in Carolina that must try.

  • Restaurant of Steak: Mickey and Mooch

Mickey and Mooch Restaurant is the best place for steak lovers. Although the location of this restaurant is in the mall, Mickey and Mooch are worth visiting. Here, you can enjoy the yummy steak with a chill atmosphere. If you want to plan a date while having dinner, Mickey and Mooch is the best choice because you can feel the romantic ambiance from the lighting installation.

You can get the experience of enjoying the good dishes with live music. This place not only sells the steak but the crab . Remember to give space in your tummy for a dessert, which is chocolate mousse from Mickey and Mooch. You can find its location in Northcross Mall.

  • Pizza Lovers Must Try Rocky’s Pizza

Rocky’s Pizza Restaurant is a place for pizza lovers that visiting Carolina, USA. You can get the location in Wilmington St, Huntersville. Based on testimonies, Rocky’s Pizza serves a pan of pizza with New York’s traditional taste. It is the best place for enjoying pizza in this town. The characteristic of its pizza is crunchy and thin. This place provides fresh topping options for the customers.

When you become its customer, you can get the experience of enjoying the fast and friendly. The ambiance of this restaurant reminds you of the comfortable environment. There is a delicious side dish, such as calzone pizza, fresh vegetable salad, and fried chicken wings.

  • Enjoying Healthy Food in Gamekeeper Restaurant

Another restaurant in Carolina is Gamekeeper Restaurant. You can find this restaurant in Shulls Mill Rd, Boone. It is one of the best culinary in North Carolina since the 2000s. The best thing about this place is all of the ingredients for the dishes are organic. No wonder that their menu is always different in every season because they use all of nature gives.

Carolina has not only the best view and nature. Here, you can please your tummy with delicious foods, snacks, and beverages. You can consider which one of those restaurants is interesting to visit. Three of them are the best places to get the experience of enjoying steak, pizza, and healthy food in Carolina.