Newest Update of Carolina’s Beaches
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Newest Update of Carolina’s Beaches

While Carolina keeps getting better after the disaster, there are still many limitations that every resident should pay attention when they want to visit some public places, one of which is about curfew. Check the following newest update of Carolina’s beaches below to find out more:

– Wrightsville Beach
To start, let’s see the current condition of Wrightsville Beach that is located in New Hanover County. The police department of this town said that the town’s power had been reconstructed to nearly almost all of the islands at 12:30 pm. on Wednesday. Another power recovery also happened in the Causeway Drive which was previously closed to let the trucks of Duke Energy make some repairs. It is now open again.

Furthermore, the authorities also said that the Access 6 to the Wrightsville Beach which is near the Causeway Drive still remains close because of sand and also of other debris affected the road. The pickup of trash has now resumed.

Carolina Beach– Carolina Beach
Next, let’s check the current condition of Carolina Beach. This beach has resumed few activities although it is still under some limitations of access. This beach is still under curfew regulation which is from 8pm to 6am. All the business owners and residents are allowed back to the islands although they need to pay attention and follow the curfew that has been regulated.

Kure Beach– Kure Beach
Lastly, let’s check how Kure Beach recovers itself in the aftermath. This island is now open to essential personnel and the residents. However, it is only open from noon until 8pm. There is also a curfew applied which is from 8pm up to 6am. The town hall will resume on Monday at 9am. The manager of the town’s emergency, David Heglar, said that the storm induced significant erosion on the beach.

There is good news for the visitors of Kure Beach about one of the beach’s features. The beach’s glass house or the beach house built with numerous windows is reported to survive its structure from the destructive storm. The visitors will surely be permitted to visit the glass house again soon.

Are you one of the regular visitors of those beaches? You may soon be able to visit those beaches although you may need to be patient until all the recoveries are done. Follow every newest update of Carolina’s beaches to update yourself about how Caroline gets its power back after the disaster.