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Newest Update of Carolina’s Disaster – A Hand from Other Parties

The Carolina flooding is indeed destructive to both properties and human’s life. Helping hands are thus needed to ease the victims’ suffering. Fortunately, there are still many parties that are willing to help the victims speed up their recovery in the aftermath. Who are those parties? Here is the newest update of Carolina’s disaster that you shouldn’t miss!

Operation BBQ Relief
Operation BBQ Relief is an organization based in Missouri. This organization brings a traditional staple of North Caroline to the affected areas as an attempt to recover from the Hurricane Florence. Through the spokesperson, the organization stated that the company has deployed a group of BBQ enthusiasts to Fayetteville and Wilmington to support the efforts of recovery by providing the displaced residents and also first responders hot meals. Furthermore, the organization also said that the Fayetteville and Wilmington locations of deployment are able to produce up to 50,000 hot meals each day.

Operation BBQ Relief was founded in 2011. Its establishment followed a devastating and terrible tornado happening in Joplin, Missouri. Up to now, the organization has already deployed to many disasters including the flooding in South Carolina in 2016 and also the Hurricane Harvey that happened in 2017. This organization even wants to make more and more contribution to victims of any disaster in the future.

Michael Jordan
Who doesn’t know Michael Jordan? He is a superstar in basketball. This NBA legend once played in high school basketball club based in Wilmington, North Carolina. Not only is famous, he is also generous. He donated $2 million to some organizations in the effort of hurricane relief.

Jordan’s donation is meant to assist the residents of both South and North Carolina in recovering in the aftermath. This 55-year-old NBA’s Charlotte Hornets’ owner contributes the money to two different parties. The first $1 million is given to the American Red Cross while the other $1 million is given to the Foundation for the Carolina’s Hurricane Florence Response Fund, as reported by a news release on Tuesday. Furthermore, the Hornets organization under Jordan’s leadership is willing to offer an aid to pack disaster food boxes at the Second Harvest Food Bank of Metro Lina In Charlotte, North Carolina.

This newest update of Carolina’s disaster is such a relief in the heart because we know that there are still many caring people out there that are willing to ease the burden of others. Hopefully the victims could recover soon!