The Florence flooding
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Carolina’s Newest Update on the Victims of the Disaster

The Florence flooding was done already. Yet, it left a crisis in lots of parts in the North Carolina. Not only is the crisis about the building or properties, it is also about the people affected by the disaster. There have been reported that Florence injured many people. Let’s see the detail of the victims from the following Carolina’s newest update:

Mental Health Patients Drown
Healthy and strong people even couldn’t stand the power of Florence, let alone the mental health patients. There have been reported that two patients of mental health drown in South Carolina. Those two female patients drowned when the rising flood waters swept a van away in South Carolina. Brooke Holden, the spokeswoman of Horry Country Sheriff’s Department, said that the office van at that time was carrying two deputies and two patients to Darlington from Conway on Tuesday night. The van was then overtaken by the rising flood waters.

The two female patients were reported as prison detainees. However, the officials have then clarified that those patients were near the mental hospitals. The officials said that the office can was travelling close to the Little Pee Dee River. An official from the bodies of water in South Carolina were watching closely when the water continued pouring from upriver into the state in North Carolina and then being followed by Florence heavy rains.

Death Toll Rose
In addition to the drown patients, there have been reported around 35 death toll. Those deaths are induced by the storm happening in Monday evening which happened as follows: 27 in North Carolina, 6 in South Carolina, and 2 in Virginia.

From all the deaths, there was Lesha Murphy Johnson (age 41) and her son (age 7). All of them passed away when a tree falling on their house located in Wilmington, North Carolina. Besides, there were also another two children killed. They are Kade Gills (3 months old) who died when there was a falling tree on a mobile home located in Dallas, North Carolina, and Kaiden Lee-Welch who died because he was swept away in the flood’s rushing waters in Union County in North Carolina. Apart from those victims above, there are still many more people died due to the terrible disasters.

While Carolina’s newest update about the damage on structures is always reported, there is also an important report about the victim of the disaster. Go inform your neighbors or people you know just in case they lost their relative(s) or family member(s).