Hyde County

Newest Update of Carolina’s Counties in the Northern Side

The Florence flooding does leave a big aftermath to deal with. Many public places and properties need to be emptied for a while for the sake of saving human’s life. However, as many parties have been working hand in hand to better the condition. Here is the report of newest update of Carolina’s Counties in the Northern side.

Hyde County
To begin with, let’s see the newest update of the current condition of Hyde County. The officials of this county have issued permissions for visitors to visit the Ocracoke Island. The permission was issued on Friday morning. However, the visitors are required to occupy the Cedar Island ferries or the Swan Quarter. The need to use those vehicles are caused by the damage affected the N.C. 12 on the Ocracoke. The damage has blocked the Hatteras to Ocracoke ferries.

The officials say that the Swan Quarter ferry will need to make up to 5 runs per day, while the Cedar Island one will need to make 4 runs per day. All those ferries will start operating on Friday. Before that Friday, those ferries only manage to make a single run on Thursday. Quoting what’s said by the N.C. DOT, the reservation system of the ferry is currently operating. Meanwhile, the campground of Ocracoke will resume the operation on Friday and The National Seashore office of Cape Hatteras will too.

Pender County
Moving on, let’s see the current condition of Pender County. The condition of its surf city is reported going better. The officials of the town have reported safer condition of the town so that the property owners are allowed to go back to the island. The reported was aired to the society considering the photos of buildings obtained from NOAA satellite.

However, the property owners who are permitted to be back to their property are the ones having key cards. They are allowed to come back to their property at 9 am on Thursday. Besides, they are also required to occupy the bridge of Highway 50 swing. Equally important, the property owners are also required to pay attention to the curfew which goes into nightly effect which is at 7pm until 7 am.

The newest update of Carolina’s counties has showed that this country has made some recoveries after the Florence flooding attack. Hopefully, everything and everyone could get recovered soon so that the normal life could resume shortly.