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Newest Update of Carolina’s Counties in the Northern Side

The Florence flooding does leave a big aftermath to deal with. Many public places and properties need to be emptied for a while for the sake of saving human’s life. However, as many parties have been working hand in hand to better the condition. Here is the report of newest update of Carolina’s Counties in […]

The Florence flooding
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Carolina’s Newest Update on the Victims of the Disaster

The Florence flooding was done already. Yet, it left a crisis in lots of parts in the North Carolina. Not only is the crisis about the building or properties, it is also about the people affected by the disaster. There have been reported that Florence injured many people. Let’s see the detail of the victims […]

Operation BBQ Relief
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Newest Update of Carolina’s Disaster – A Hand from Other Parties

The Carolina flooding is indeed destructive to both properties and human’s life. Helping hands are thus needed to ease the victims’ suffering. Fortunately, there are still many parties that are willing to help the victims speed up their recovery in the aftermath. Who are those parties? Here is the newest update of Carolina’s disaster that […]