Fire Crews Investigate the Condo Fire in Murrells Inlet, NC
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Fire Crews Investigate the Condo Fire in Murrells Inlet, NC

MURRELS INLET, North Carolina – An awful and deadly fire broke out in a condo in Murrells Inlet, North Carolina around 4.00 am on Tuesday (26/2). This particular accident, which happened near the Allston House condo complex near Pendergrass Avenue, had made a chaos condition as there were many people got panic because of the […]

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The Leading Carolina, USA Local News Website

Getting daily news update is one of human’s needs in life. To fulfill this need, people have relied on newspaper since long time ago. However, as the technology keeps improving, newspaper is deemed not really portable. The need of news website then emerges. If you currently live in Carolina, USA and need leading and reliable […]

The Florence flooding
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Carolina’s Newest Update on the Victims of the Disaster

The Florence flooding was done already. Yet, it left a crisis in lots of parts in the North Carolina. Not only is the crisis about the building or properties, it is also about the people affected by the disaster. There have been reported that Florence injured many people. Let’s see the detail of the victims […]

Operation BBQ Relief
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Newest Update of Carolina’s Disaster – A Hand from Other Parties

The Carolina flooding is indeed destructive to both properties and human’s life. Helping hands are thus needed to ease the victims’ suffering. Fortunately, there are still many parties that are willing to help the victims speed up their recovery in the aftermath. Who are those parties? Here is the newest update of Carolina’s disaster that […]

Newest Update of Carolina’s Beaches
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Newest Update of Carolina’s Beaches

While Carolina keeps getting better after the disaster, there are still many limitations that every resident should pay attention when they want to visit some public places, one of which is about curfew. Check the following newest update of Carolina’s beaches below to find out more: – Wrightsville Beach To start, let’s see the current […]

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Controversial Behind Lifetime Fitness Course In University North Carolina

University of North Carolina requires a textbook for fitness class entitled “cancer a disease of choice”. This online textbook explains about a theory the Holocaust victim failed to get through into her or his inner strength. Additionally, the online book entitled “21st Century Wellness” also contains several standard health information about nutrition, health, as well […]

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Carolina, USA Local News Websites with Wide Coverage

Internet has more than just enough information for us. Internet provides us with a number of news websites more than just we can afford to read. However, not all news websites are worth reading. Why, because they may not possess vast coverage at its platform. So, what are the examples of Carolina, USA local news […]

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The Best Carolina, USA Local News Website in the Region

When it comes to news website, you cannot just pick any website. You need the best ones. Although you can find plenty Carolina, USA local news websites, you still need to be selective. What are the best ones then? They are The News & Observer and The Fayetteville Observer. Find out why them below: – […]